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We have a number of courses available, from classroom based training to hands on practical sessions in the workshop. We cover everything from Health and Safety to Drivetrains and Engine Overhaul. All of our lessons are suited for individuals or groups of up to 6 technicians.

We can provide Compliance Training and Assessing in the following areas:

IVR Core Module Training (VR1 Health & Safety, VR2 Customer Care, VR3 Breakdown/Recovery)


IRTEC (HGV Inspection Technician, PSV Inspection Technician)

Truck : Inspection to DVSA MOT standards (any vehicle) – IRTEC Accredited Assessor LCV and Bus & Coach

Truck : Servicing and preventative maintenance (any vehicle)

Transmission overhaul (Volvo I-Shift / Renault Optidrive)

Steering systems, Air braking systems with ABS/EBS, suspension systems AIR/STEEL

Wheel alignment using Josam Cam-aligner or Truck Cam equipment

Online web-hosted delivery of system based training using Zoom App (example: Volvo IMPACT system, wiring diagrams, VOSA manual etc.)

Apprentice: Practical skills tests and assessments

Diagnostics on any type truck with a range of equipment (example: Volvo Tech Tool, TEXA, Delphi, Oscilloscope, Multimeters and wiring diagrams)

Engine overhaul including diagnostics, tests and adjustments

Fuel Systems (Diesel common rail, LNG, Hybrid Electric propulsion systems) IMI Hybrid Trainer/ Assessor Level 2 / 3 Volvo Hybrid Systems

Emission Systems (Euro 4 / 5 and 6 Step D) Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems EATS Diagnostics

For more information on tailored courses to fit your employees needs, please contact us via the Contact page.

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